Why Indigo?

Indigo believes a human-centered approach to education produces better outcomes for the students, creates better school cultures, and attracts world-class staff to stay in education.

Our Story

Do you remember the teacher who changed your life? Critical human connections are what make our education system tick.

However, despite a vast array of academic products, schools still lack student engagement alongside a growing mental health crisis. Indigo’s technology platform leverages intelligent data based on a series of assessments to facilitate the human side of education. 

As a Colorado-based, women-owned social enterprise, Indigo is committed to equity and a brighter future for all. Our technology tools support middle school, high school, and higher education for learners of all ages and walks of life. Over 50% of our students are traditionally underserved.

What we believe

Mission Statement

Indigo’s mission is to empower the intrinsic genius already existing within each individual.

Core Values

Life-long learning is the future of education, and that learning must be built on a foundation of self-awareness, empathy, and the freedom to pursue opportunities. These core values are the basis of everything we do at Indigo.

Everything we do is guided by our core values:

Self-Awareness, Empathy, and Freedom

"Know yourself"

Self-awareness is the foundation of all true knowledge. Indigo is about knowing who you are and striving to become the best version of yourself while practicing empathy and appreciation for diversity and others.


"Know your team"

Cultivating the practice of empathy and deep connection with others is a core practice of Indigo. Our program is designed to be the first step in understating different types of people and learning to have empathy for their stories and perspectives. 


"Know your possibilities"

Freedom is having the tools and support necessary to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. The purpose of education is to provide meaningful opportunities for people to achieve their best life.

We empower learners and educators

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