Indigo Education Company

Empowering Students & Educators Through 

Self-Awareness, Empathy, and Freedom

Indigo is an AI-enabled platform that empowers educators. We increase student success, retention, social emotional health, and career readiness for grades 7-12, higher ed, and adult education.


The Indigo Assessment is a comprehensive tool to help students and educators gain insights of their behaviors, motivators, social emotional (SEL) perceptions, and career-ready skills (grades 6-20).

Educator Dashboard

The multi-dimensional data generated by our assessment allows you to better understand your students and school culture. IndigoDiscover provides actionable information at the touch of a button.

Online Program

Help your students activate their futures with our Self-Awareness and Career Readiness Course. Students learn about themselves, discover the careers and majors they’d love, and map their path to a better future!

What is Indigo?

Indigo supports student success, retention, social emotional health, and career readiness. 
Indigo also supports the educators working with these students to build student responsive cultures and maximize their strengths for the benefit of all.

The most accurate human insights on the market

The Indigo Assessment is unique in that it has been adapted directly from the corporate world. Thanks to Target Training International, the algorithms within the Indigo Assessment have been used to analyze executives at Fortune 500 companies across 90 countries and in 40 languages.

Makes college and career readiness meaningful

If you are looking for something easy to implement, takes very little educator time, and is more meaningful than “checking boxes” for your state mandated college and career readiness requirements, our online course is your solution!

Deep answers at the touch of a button

There is no other technology platform that is more accurate, targeted, actionable or powerful as Indigo. Not only can you get to know each individual, look at teams, grades, classes, schools, and districts with our data analytics. IndigoDiscover also provides retention data that is not found anywhere else and integrates with your existing systems.


See how Indigo makes an impact in education


High school science teacher increases classroom engagement with Indigo motivators.


Counselor supports failing students using Indigo SEL data and improves academic performance.


Parent saves thousands on college student finding the right major and graduating on time.