Indigo Education Company Motivators – Thanksgiving tips for a more gracious holiday!

Indigo Education Company appreciates all our partners! In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we’d like to provide some tips on how you can best show your gratitude for each motivator personality from the Indigo Assessment:


Let high Socials know how much their presence in your life helps you by sharing specific instances where their presence made a positive impact. Consider spending time with them helping others like volunteering at a soup kitchen together. High Socials love to help and like to know their help matters! 


Support the high Utilitarians in your life by working with them to achieve a goal or accomplish something important on their list. They will appreciate getting something done and enjoy sharing a sense of accomplishment with you! 


Spend some time with your high Theoretical friends and family by asking them to teach you about their area of expertise or something they are currently learning. Asking thoughtful questions will help you better understand their love of that topic. High Theoreticals love sharing their knowledge with others! 


Publicly acknowledge the high Individualistic person in your life over the Thanksgiving meal by recognizing what they uniquely bring into your life. Suggest having the Individualistic person in your life create a unique dish for the meal or put on a performance for the gathering of family and friends! 


High Traditionals love when others participate in and enjoy annual holiday traditions with them. If there is something you do every year as a family or friend group, keep doing it! If you don’t have any traditions yet, let them create new ones. Honor the things that matter most to Traditionals during this time!


Make sure there is space for beauty, art, or music during the Thanksgiving season. Let high Aesthetics decorate your dining room or go the extra mile to make your meal beautiful. You might also want to create a gratitude collage or a vision board together for the upcoming year. High Aesthetics also enjoy just sitting in silence and appreciating life! 

Just like the 5 Love Languages, expressing gratitude based on each person’s top motivators will make everyone feel extra special this holiday season.

From all of us at Indigo, thank you!

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ALAS Press Release Using Indigo Data

Indigo is excited to share some of our data findings working with ALAS‘ (Association of Latino Administrators & Superintendents) Superintendent Leadership Academy


“This survey data shows that ALAS is training and attracting highly skilled leaders who care deeply about making sure people feel seen and valued (Empathy) and helping others (Social). They feel deeply connected to their work and create environments where others also feel they belong (Sense of Belonging),” said Sheri Smith, founder and CEO of Indigo. “This meaningful work contributes to high levels of self-confidence and the ability to bring together many pieces of information to solve complex social problems (Integrative Ability). Basically ALAS leaders are rock stars who we want leading our schools and districts!”

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Skills: Empathy


Identifying with and caring about others.

  • Demonstrates genuine concern for others.
  • Is sensitive to the emotions people experience.
  • Tries to understand the real needs, concerns, and feelings of others.
  • Advocates for the interests, needs, and wants of others.
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About Skills

The type of skills on the Indigo Report are soft skills, also called 21st Century Skills. Soft skills are based on experience and relate to how you interact with others and personal qualities that you bring to a team. The good news is that skills are just strengths you can learn. While some skills may come more naturally to you, it is possible to learn any skill.

Watch more skills videos here:

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Book Recommendation: The Future of Smart

We’re so excited! Long time friend of Indigo, Ulcca Hansen, just released her book, The Future of Smart. It’s a must read for anyone interested in education reform. See the review from our CEO below.

From Indigo CEO Sheri Smith:

“I work in schools across the US and can personally attest to the failures of the current education system. This book really delves into how education must be changed to better support students now. A great read to better understand the issue and become a part of the solution!”

For more information about Ulcca Hansen and The Future of Smart: 

     Facebook: The Future of Smart

     Twitter: @ulcca @edfunders #FutureOfSmart


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