Sueann Casey

Chief Customer Experience Officer

Sueann spent almost 20 years splitting her time between teaching and mentoring teenagers and young adults and enriching customer relationships for corporations. 6 of those were spent as a teacher and youth leader in Baltimore City. Her certifications in leadership, coaching and assessments add to her diverse experiences. As one of the founding members of Indigo, and Chief Customer Experience Officer, Sueann has been instrumental in building and growing implementation strategies, curriculum integration and development and creating custom Indigo programs.

Sueann’s Personal Statement

I want to help people discover what makes them feel alive – what they uniquely bring to this world – and then encourage them to step fully into whatever that is. Indigo allows me to do this on a larger scale, one that has an impact on the world. Being a part of bringing the world to life, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!?