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Podcast: More than a Degree: The Student TriMetrix Assessment

In this episode of the Wake Up Eager Workforce podcast, Indigo CEO Sheri Smith spends some time talking about personal growth with host Suzie Price from Priceless Professional Development. In

Podcast: How to Identify Entrepreneurial Students

On Innovate Carolina’s podcast, On the Heels of Innovation, Indigo CEO Sheri Smith and Ted Zoller discuss how Indigo helps schools identify students who have what it takes to become
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LeanLab and Indigo

Indigo participated in the Kansas City LeanLab Accelerator and conducted the following research study in partnership with the Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies. View Study

CLEAR Webinar

Indigo's CEO, Sheri Smith recently hosted a webinar for partner CLEAR on Uncovering Hidden Biases in Motivators.
Dr. Ron Bonnstetter

The Science of Self Awareness Webinar with Ron Bonnstetter

Learn about The Science of Self Awareness from Sr. VP of Research and Development at TTI, Dr. Ron Bonnstetter.