Career Exploration: Introduction

Welcome to IndigoActivate Career Exploration, a short course dedicated to developing your self-awareness and career readiness. You are going to learn more about how to describe yourself, what motivates you, and what your strengths are, so that you can maximize your potential in your career and your life. Your takeaway will be a Master Activation Plan, or a “MAP.” Your MAP will be a personalized webpage that keeps track of what you describe about yourself and saves notes on a career path that you will research.

Setting Up Your MAP

During this course, you are going to create a Master Activation Plan, or MAP, which is a website with information about who you are, what’s important to you and what jobs interest you.

You have the freedom to create your website in any style you prefer, let it be a reflection of who you are! We have suggestions we will offer based on ideas that fit well for this course as a whole, however ultimately the design is up to you. If you want design ideas or want to see examples, we will provide a number of resources to guide you through each step of your MAP design – step by step instructions with pictures, short video segments and sample websites from others who have gone through the course.

Let’s get started! To complete this section, you will

    • Select a template
    • Put your name on the site
    • Start the customization and adding images
    • Save your website URL

When you’re ready, go to and follow the guided steps to get your site started and generate a URL.


Instructions for setting up your website are below. The video and slides have the same information; use whichever format works for you.

Please copy your website URL and email it to the person who gave you access to this course. This is most likely your teacher, counselor, or advisor.

Video Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions

Strengths Statement

Now you are going to add the first Indigo-based text to your MAP/website. Look at the first page of your Indigo Report. Read over the sections titled “Strengths” and “Value to a Team”. Pick at least one sentence that you feel really describes you and add it to your website. You can directly copy from your report, or rephrase in your own words. Add this to your website under your name, or in some other prominent text field on your main page.


Below are two videos and a step-by-step tutorial for reentering your website and adding your strengths statement.

Video Instructions: How to re-enter your website

Video Instructions: How to add your strengths statement

Step-by-Step Instructions