Indigo at ETS

On Thursday, May 30th, Indigo Founder and CEO Sheri Smith, Chief Technology Officer Chris Kalish, and Associate Danielle Dettling presented and demoed Indigo Education Company at ETS’s Princeton Campus. The day included a three-hour demo session, a company pitch, and a working session with ETS employees. ETS employees were able to see different use cases for the Indigo Assessment, the Indigo Dashboard and provide comprehensive feedback on data usage and usability.

ETS (Educational Testing Service) is the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to educational testing and assessments, administering the GRE and TOEFL exams. Using their assessments and subsequent research, ETS aims to improve teaching and learning, ensure opportunity for individual learners and inform education policy.

Indigo would like to thank ETS employees for taking the time out of their work days to discuss Indigo Education Company’s products and to LearnLaunch Accelerator for connecting Indigo to ETS.

Sheri Smith presenting Indigo Education Company to ETS employees

Sheri Smith presenting Indigo Education Company to ETS employees

Indigo CEO Sheri Smith and LearnLaunch Venture Partner Richard Varn

Indigo CEO Sheri Smith and LearnLaunch Venture Partner Richard Varn

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LearnLaunch Accelerator Announces Next Round of EdTech Resources

BOSTON, May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — LearnLaunch Accelerator is thrilled to announce its latest round of investments and unveil the four edtech companies selected for its highly competitive Breakthrough Program. Since 2013, LearnLaunch Accelerator has invested in nearly 60 edtech companies and continues to be recognized for its strong track record accelerating industry-leading solutions and teams dedicated to improve teaching and learning.

“The edtech industry is undergoing unprecedented growth,” said Jean Hammond, Co-Founder and General Partner at LearnLaunch Accelerator. “This change is visible in deeper understanding and appetite for technology solutions coming from education practitioners, larger investment rounds, and world-wide edtech funding surpassing $8B in 2018. It’s important now, more than ever, for companies looking to participate in this market to tighten their entry, growth, and scaling strategies. It’s challenges like these that our program is designed to support companies through.”

Click here to read more about the 2019 LearnLaunch Accelerator Cohort.

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LearnLaunch Breakthrough: Meet Indigo

Meet Sheri Smith, CEO & Founder of Indigo Education Company. Indigo improves engagement, retention, and career readiness for K-12 and Higher Education with an actionable Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) dashboard of personal skills, traits, and motivators for use by teachers, staff, students and parents. Indigo delivers human capital insights to K12 and Higher Ed customers via a technology platform equipped with data analytics, curriculum, online courses, and career pathway opportunities.

Sheri will take part in the LearnLaunch Breakthrough Accelerator, a 5-week intensive program at the LearnLaunch Campus in Boston. Read on to learn about Indigo’s journey, where they’re headed, and why they chose LearnLaunch.

Click here to read more about Indigo Education Company and LearnLaunch Breakthrough’s 2019 Cohort.

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Jesuit High School College Counselors Association

On Tuesday, April 9th, Indigo Education Company’s Chief Customer Experience Officer Sueann Casey spoke at the Jesuit High School College Counselors Association’s (JHSCCA) annual conference at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The JHSCCA is an organization of college counselors from Jesuit high schools across the country. They meet once a year to discuss best practices for their students. Sueann led a professional development and team building workshop for over 60 counselors using their Indigo Reports and focused on how to use Indigo to help match their students to college and career pathways



Chief Customer Experience Officer Sueann Casey with Two Indigo Champions — Molly, College Advisor at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, and Angela, JHSCCA President and Counselor at Jesuit High School in Sacramento.


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Colorado Impact Days

Indigo Education Company is honored to be one of 60 organizations selected for the 2019 Colorado Impact Days, taking place next week from March 11th to March 14th. Colorado Impact Days was founded as a way to connect social enterprises and nonprofits with individuals and foundations looking to increase their impact on their communities. On Tuesday, March 12th, CEO and founder of Indigo, Sheri Smith, will present Indigo Education Company and its vision to change the education system starting with the individual.

This marks the fourth year of CO Impact Days, a venture that has helped invest over $201 million in social enterprises and nonprofits since 2016. The event will take place at the Curtis Hotel in Denver and includes the National Opportunity Zone Summit, the Social Venture Marketplace, and speaking engagements from foundation leaders and investors.

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Empathy in STEM

On February 9th, 2019, CEO and founder of Indigo Education Company Sheri Smith spoke at the University of Colorado, Denver for the Department of Bioengineering’s event Women as Innovators: Creating Success in the Workplace.” Speaking to a group of 30 female engineering students from multiple disciplines, Sheri was able to share with attendees the importance of practicing empathy and bringing a woman’s perspective to male-dominated STEM fields.

Visit for more information on indigo’s work in Higher Education.

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Partial Credit Podcast

Host Jesse Lubinsky discusses his experience with the Indigo Assessment at a Google Education Think Tank on the November 9th, 2018 episode of Partial Credit.

“There are lots of tests out there like this that, once you identify your personality type they’ll give you some insight into how to best use what you know about yourself now to improve yourself and maximize those personality traits you have.”

“What was different about [The Indigo Project] was…they were actually doing this in schools with students and with staff members and then putting systems in place to let schools know more about their students and then giving a framework for how you can use that data to inform how to communicate with students or how to actually create actionable steps to create interventions when necessary.”

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