Taking the Indigo Assessment

If a you do not receive a report, you should NOT retake the assessment. Send an email to support@indigoproject.org with your full name, the name of your school/organization, and a request for the report to be resent.

Indigo uses your email for the sole purpose of sending you your report once you complete the survey.

Your survey responses will be used to make interpretations of your behaviors, skills, motivators, and internal / external perceptions. These interpretations are provided directly to you in the form of your Indigo report and will also be available to those in your organization who are authorized to see the data.

You can refer to Indigo Education Company’s full privacy policy at https://www.indigoeducationcompany.com/privacy-policy/

Indigo Programs

Every Indigo Program includes

  • Indigo Assessment License for students, each receiving an individualized report.
  • Indigo Assessments for faculty.
  • Faculty Professional Development – Indigo overview and dashboard training for applicable staff (1-2 hours conducted remotely).
  • Indigo Dashboard – annual license of cloud-based platform of student data.
  • Indigo Resources – Digital books: Indigo Fieldbook and Assessing Your Genius 101, Indigo curriculum integration lessons and tools, video library, etc.

Year 1 also requires Strategy Consulting and Implementation Support

  • Creation of a long-term integration and roll-out plan (3 years +).
  • Design metrics to measure success of the program.
  • Align Indigo to existing strategic initiatives and school programming as well as state and federal mandates.
  • Review Indigo data and make engagement recommendations.
  • Includes three consulting sessions:
    • Kick-off planning session, goals and outcomes.
    • Integration session to embed Indigo into desired classes.
    • Data and success evaluation near the end of year 1.

Our most popular add on service is professional development. We love co-creating personal and professional development with schools. We know that teachers are the unsung heroes in education. When they are invested in, built up and given tools they can use in their personal and professional lives, it creates a school culture that everyone wants to be a part of.

Below is a list of Professional Development and Data Analytics Services offered by Indigo, typically conducted in 3-4 hour sessions, in person and/or via web-conferencing.

  • Indigo Basics, how to use strengths, behaviors, and motivators.
  • Indigo Intermediate, deeper dive with DISC, motivators and skill development.
  • Indigo Advanced, designing custom interventions and personalized learning in the classroom.
  • Counselor MTSS/SEL Deep Dive
  • District/Board/School Leadership Team Building
  • Staff Team Building
  • Advanced Curriculum Integration
  • Advanced Dashboard Training and Customization (i.e. creation of custom rosters, teaming, etc.)
  • Strategy Consulting (after year 1)
  • Advanced Data Analytics and Strategy
  • Longitudinal Data Session

Pricing is typically based on whole school enrollment and would be priced similarly every year based on your total enrollment. What this type of license does is give you the ability to determine every year what you want students to do within the Indigo platform of services on a per student or per grade level basis. It gives you the most freedom to design what works best and you could essentially give every offering to every student every year for this cost. We recommend that students reassess every other year, however that is also at your discretion and ultimately your decision. We have schools who do reassess every year.

Students complete the Indigo survey and their IndigoInsights report is emailed to them directly. This is theirs for as long as they keep the report. They can also reach out to our support team if they ever lose it or need it resent to a different email. This is true essentially forever. Students then use their IndigoInsights report to go through the IndigoDiscover online course. Their access to taking new modules or opening previously started modules in this course is limited to the school’s license, however they can access their certificates of completion and some evidence of work so long as they remember their login or reach out to our support team.

There is PD included in the whole school license and then there is the Year 1 Strategy and Implementation. These are two separate things. For the PD that is included with the whole school license – in the first year, half is pre-designed by us with basic information and the other half co-designed with you to specifically address your target goals. For following years, this is still included in the whole school license and 100% co-designed to meet the needs and goals of your team and program. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with all the support you need to design a program and engage with students to the best of your abilities.

No. We will design a 3 year plan in the first year, which is included in the Year 1 Strategy fee. If you find that you want additional support, redesign or integration in following years, you can choose to add that to your whole school annual license. That is up to you. If you chose to renew your partnership with Indigo (which over 90% of our school partners do) the whole school license each year is a per student cost based on previous year’s enrollment (usually rounded to the nearest 50) plus any additional services. Most schools easily transition to only paying the whole school license after the first year, which is our goal.


Despite what some may think, Panorama is not a competitor of ours – we don’t do the same thing at all. Panorama addresses whole school climate and SEL needs for groups based on self-reported surveys. They then use those surveys to compile group data and group trends. They don’t actually DO much with that data or provide guidance for how to make improvements and the focus, again, is the whole group.

Indigo, on the other hand, focuses on individuals. The qualities of each student and teacher and how you can connect with them on an individual basis and how you can create a more engaging environment or content. Indigo also helps schools use student’s data for meaningful Post Secondary Planning (aka College and Career Readiness).

Focusing on the individual or any post secondary planning is not anything that Panorama does.

While there is overlap between Naviance and Indigo, there are also core differences. Many of our schools use both and see Indigo as providing students with a solid foundation in which to get the most out of what Naviance has to offer.

What we have in common – a self-assessment type of survey. In some versions of Naviance, for an additional fee, students can take an abridged version of Strengths Finder (SF). So how do we compare with SF? SF, like MBTI, is a self reported survey. The downfall of self-reported surveys is that can be gamed by the respondent. What does this mean – I can basically be any style of MBTI that I set my mind to simply by answering the questions in a way of how I want to be instead of who I really am. The way the TTI survey is developed, it is (1) harder to game and (2) many gamed responses can be identified.

SF and MBTI also provide canned statements for their results where Indigo provides personalized statements. For example, every person identified as a Woo in SF, receives the same blurb about what that means. With Indigo, however, you can have two students with very similar DISC scores whose reports provide different strength and “About You” sections. The Indigo report is more personalized/individualized.

All of this being said, we see places of synergy and value in using BOTH Indigo and SF and/or MBTI.

Naviance also has College and Career Readiness tools to build their core 6 competencies. Indigo approaches CCR from a student first lense. The foundation is in self-awareness and using that to find the best path for you. Again, many of our schools who use Naviance have their students take Indigo first and use the information from their Indigo reports to make Naviance more meaningful for each student.

Where are we different – There are a few things that Naviance does that Indigo has no plans to do.

  • Transcripts: Schools enter a student’s grades into Naviance so students can provide their HS transcript to potential colleges or employers.
  • Standardized Test Scores: Student’s SAT and ACT scores are also uploaded and verified in Naviance for college bound students to provide to potential colleges.
  • Common App: There are a number of colleges who accept the “Common App.” This is one college entrance application that can be sent to any number of colleges who accept the common app.

Indigo is at its core very different from Enneagram. Enneagram is about discovering and curating your spiritual growth path. It helps identify both your core need and core wound. These are aligned directly with the Saboteurs identified by Shirzad Chamine in Positive Intelligence (https://www.positiveintelligence.com/ there is a free assessment to discover your saboteur) and also align with the concept of Gremlins (How to Tame your Gremlin) and helping to identify both your “Sage” and “Saboteur” self.

Indigo is based on self-awareness, intrinsic value and self acceptance. It isn’t about growing into who you think you need to be, but valuing exactly who you are and being the best version of whatever that is. Understanding your core traits and how those translate into communication and career alignment – where you can be your true self and thrive.

Other Questions

You can email support@indigoproject.org with any questions.  Please include your name and your school/organization in the email along with the question you have.

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