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How Higher Education is using Indigo

Course Supplement

The Indigo Assessment can be added to any course to enhance your content and deepen your self-awareness.  Usually, professors assign the Assessment as an assignment, and the students pay a nominal fee to access the product, so there is no direct cost to the institution.

Professors receive complimentary access to our dashboard for student teaming and group dynamics.  Common classes that benefit from Indigo are Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business, Phycology, and Education.

Freshman Experience

Indigo empowers colleges to build student-responsive cultures and
maximize strengths so students graduate and find fulfilling careers.

Using the Indigo Assessment as part of your freshmen experience will allow you to better support each student in finding best-fit extracurricular activities, choosing majors, and connecting with advisors. Indigo’s data allows universities to better understand their student body for improving admissions, student success, and retention.

Engineering Programs

The data from the Indigo Assessment support engineering programs in retention, diversity, advising, and longitudinal analysis. Most engineering programs assess students during their freshman year and senior year.

We co-create a data-sharing strategy to developing a predictive attrition model, support advising, and measure professional skills growth over time. Engineering professors also make extensive use of the dashboard to automatically create high-performing and harmonious teams.

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