Professional Development

The Data You've Been Missing to Build the District You Want

Indigo helps districts and schools meet the challenges of the future. Whether it’s staying connected during COVID, making better hires, improving staff retention,team building, or leadership training, Indigo provides the data and expertise you need to build the organization you want.

Professional Development Offerings:

Staff Team Building

Leveraging your unique strengths to build a human-centered culture. In this workshop, school teaching and support staff all take the Indigo Assessment and debrief it together as a group to learn each others strengths, build high performing teams, and develop deeper understanding and empathy for each other.



Leadership Workshops

These workshops focus on aligning district strategic plans to human-centered outcomes. We also facilitate development that allows leaders to explore their own inherent strengths and how to leverage their teams better as well as revealing inherent biases that may be affecting group dynamics.

Indigo Certification

Certified staff become the Indigo lead in each school and are experts in the Indigo Assessment components and data. Indigo certified school staff members are included in all Indigo advanced webinars and learning resources with a closed learning community to network with like-minded peers. 

*All of our offerings can be facilitated remotely or in person. 

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Team Building Professional Development
Leadership Workshops