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Skills: Empathy


Identifying with and caring about others.

  • Demonstrates genuine concern for others.
  • Is sensitive to the emotions people experience.
  • Tries to understand the real needs, concerns, and feelings of others.
  • Advocates for the interests, needs, and wants of others.
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About Skills

The type of skills on the Indigo Report are soft skills, also called 21st Century Skills. Soft skills are based on experience and relate to how you interact with others and personal qualities that you bring to a team. The good news is that skills are just strengths you can learn. While some skills may come more naturally to you, it is possible to learn any skill.

Watch more skills videos here:  indigoeducationcompany.com/indigo-skills-videos/

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Empathy in STEM

On February 9th, 2019, CEO and founder of Indigo Education Company Sheri Smith spoke at the University of Colorado, Denver for the Department of Bioengineering’s event Women as Innovators: Creating Success in the Workplace.” Speaking to a group of 30 female engineering students from multiple disciplines, Sheri was able to share with attendees the importance of practicing empathy and bringing a woman’s perspective to male-dominated STEM fields.

Visit www.indigoedco.com for more information on indigo’s work in Higher Education.

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