VETS – Beyond the Uniform Partnership

Indigo is proud to announce our partnership with VETS – Beyond the Uniform. VETS – Beyond the Uniform are using the Indigo survey and report as the foundation for the transformation opportunity and experience they are providing to veterans, a group we have an immense amount of respect for.

VETS – Beyond the Uniform, also known as Veterans Educational Transformation Solutions – Beyond The Uniform, is a coaching, mentoring, and training program developed by military veterans with the specific mission of helping other veterans make a successful journey from military service into careers in the civilian workforce. They also provide coaching and mentoring for employers who want to design and implement successful veteran hiring and retention programs.

If you want to learn more about their work, you can visit their website or email them directly

VETS – Beyond The Uniform Foundation is an IRS Approved 501(C)(3) Nonprofit

ALAS Press Release Using Indigo Data

Indigo is excited to share some of our data findings working with ALAS‘ (Association of Latino Administrators & Superintendents) Superintendent Leadership Academy


“This survey data shows that ALAS is training and attracting highly skilled leaders who care deeply about making sure people feel seen and valued (Empathy) and helping others (Social). They feel deeply connected to their work and create environments where others also feel they belong (Sense of Belonging),” said Sheri Smith, founder and CEO of Indigo. “This meaningful work contributes to high levels of self-confidence and the ability to bring together many pieces of information to solve complex social problems (Integrative Ability). Basically ALAS leaders are rock stars who we want leading our schools and districts!”

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